W-2 filing requirements for the State of Arkansas - Tax Year 2020

2019 Form W2 for the State of Arkansas

For 2020, the State of Arkansas has mandated the filing of Form W-2, provided that there is a state withholding. When you file W-2 with Arkansas for the tax year 2020, you must attach the transmittal and reconciliation based on the filing method.

When you paper file W-2, you must attach ARW3. In the case of e-filing, no need to attach ARW3. However, the reconciliation form must be submitted regardless of the filing mode.

Form AR3MAR: Employer’s Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld

Employers in Arkansas should use Form AR3MAR to report the actual amount of Arkansas tax withheld and the net amount of withholding tax actually paid to the state. Employers should also address the tax due, total wages paid, and total employees.

1099 filing requirements for the State of Arkansas - Tax Year 2020

For 2020, all 1099 forms that you file with the IRS must be filed with the State of Arkansas. If no state taxes are withheld, the dollar threshold for filing 1099 DIV and 1099 INT is $100.00. For all other 1099 forms, the dollar threshold is $2500.00. If state income taxes are withheld, filing of 1099 is mandatory regardless of the threshold amount or current residence.

Note: The State of Arkansas does not require any transmittal or reconciliation forms.

1099 Forms Required for the Arkansas State are:

2019 Form 1099 for the State of Arkansas

Deadline to File W-2/1099 Forms with the State of Arkansas

The deadline to file Form W-2/1099 is January 31, 2021, for the tax year 2020. The deadline to file Form AR3MAR, Employer’s Annual Reconciliation, is February 28, 2021.

Avoid penalties! File your returns to Federal & your state electronically on or before the deadline.

Note: If the deadline falls on a weekend or federal holiday, the next business day is the deadline.

2018 IRS Form W-2/1099 Deadline

Form W-2 and 1099 filing deadline -
January 31, 2021

Form AR3MAR filing deadline -
February 28, 2021

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W-2/1099 Forms Corrections

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Use our correction Forms to correct errors on the previously filed returns and you can also send it to the respective federal / State agencies.

Prior Year Tax Filing

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Steps to Electronically File W-2/1099 Forms with the State of Arkansas

Steps to e-file W2/1099 for the State of Arkansas

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